Cruise Control


Cruising seems so inevitably connected to gay sexual culture. Men go out and cruise other men to have casual sex and quite often lots of it. It’s anonymous, it’s easy, it’s hot and always available, what more do you need?

Our opening film Bankers shows us what’s cruising really like, filmmaker Antonio da Silva secretly filmed the sexual innuendo’s between London bankers on their lunch break. For over a year he took his hidden camera to show us how people in the financial district share their lunch.


According to our main documentary ‘The End of Cruising’, by renowned underground filmmaker Todd Verow, something has changed in the past years. Public cruising areas like restrooms or parks, which used to be crowded with men getting their kick on, are now empty and deserted. Modern technology is changing daily life everywhere, and also in gay culture. Grindr and GayRomeo have become the digital alternatives to meet up and find new sexual partners. Without the risks of getting caught or beaten up. Verow talks to different ‘cruisers’ about their experiences and what made cruising so utterly exciting.

Of course we’ll be talking with our guests about the cruising phenomenon. Do men still cruise in Amsterdam? What’s the importance of cruising for gay sexual culture? We’ll also be focusing on the kicks and tricks of cruising. Cruising 101, what makes a good cruising experience?

Practical details
Where: OT301
When: Tuesday January 2014
What time: 20.00 hr
How much: 5 euro (reservations via