Get a Room! – Sex? Mwah.


Rotterdam Pride is in town! During these days, Rotterdam is all about sexual diversity. But when we are screaming out loud and proud we want sexual diversity, aren’t we excluding people as well?

Get a Room! is always trying to create safe spaces for people of any gender and for discussion about sexual experiences of every kind. When we do this, we talk about sex. But aren’t we forgetting something when we talk about sex?

How about people that are just not that into sex? How do they experience the LGBT+scene? How do they experience society, with sex being presented everywhere? How do they deal with others assuming ‘everybody wants the same thing’?
What is it like to be a-sexual, demi-sexual, or graysexual? Can your identity be defined by something you don’t really do?

What is ‘sex’ anyway??

Tonight, we are going to take a critical look at the assumption that every-body is a sexual body. We do this Get a Room!-style, by watching a documentary and having an open conversation with ‘experts by experience’ afterwards.

More info soon!

Practical info
When: Saturday September 24
Where: WORM, Rotterdam
What time: 20:00
How much: 6 euro