Get a Room! – Sex Works


Of course Get a Room! loves sex, we think sex works in a lot of ways, but how can sex be your actual work?

Now there is a lot to do in media and politics about penalizing sex workers to get rid of sex traficking, we want to take a look at what we are talking about here: what is at stake? Who has a voice and what does this voice need to say?

In ‘Too much pussy: feminists sluts, a queer X show’ (2010, Émilie Jouvet) we see 7 young women’s artists on tour on a bus, roadtripping through Europe, who create on stage a manifesto on feminism, sex, art and education. This documentary shows them work with sex, but also how sex plays an important part in their own lives and in relation to each other.
A must see, a life changer!

After the documentary we will talk about sex work with some experts on the topic. (tba)

Practical details
Where: WORM, Rotterdam
When: December 9
What time: 20:00 h
How much: 6 euro, you can book tickets here