Lesbian Sex


The first Get a Room! film- and debate event in OT3013 is dedicated to lesbian identity and sexuality. Our feature film this night is Lesbiana – a Parallel Revolution. The film focuses on the underground lesbian community which grew out of the feminist movement in the United States in the 1970s. It’s an unique document of a very diverse group of women creating the world the want to live in: a world without men. A small separatist community, with an international impact. Artists, writers, musicians and activists worked and lived together. Personal and political beliefs melted together, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much.

We’ll also be watching some retro dyke porn by Fatale Media. Fatale Media was founded in the 1980s in San Francisco by Nan Kinney, co-creator of On Our Backs Magazine. It was the first company creating films by and for lesbian/queer women. Authentic, hot and political.


As always we’ll be talking with a guest after the films. This time it’s Marjan Sax. Sax has been active in the women’s right movement since 1969. First as ‘Dolle Mina’, later as member of different lesbian and feminist communities. She was to co-founder of women’s fund Mama Cash and sexworker organization The Red Thread.

Practical details
Where: OT301
When: November 12, 2013
What time: 20.00
How much: 5 euro (reservations via