Rough Body Play Workshop (ALMOST FULL!)


Overpowering, Resistance & Rough Body Play
BDSM leads us to a vast, strange and beautiful wealth of sometimes complex perceptions and feelings which are beyond those who are “classically“ connected with lust, love and sex. In this workshop Frank and Sheila will create a protected safe space in which to experiment with the sensuality of different “rough” actions, especially the interplay between gentle and more powerful contact. It will become apparent how experiences of control and
intense stimuli can evoke a wide range of feelings,
from lust and pleasure to a meditative state of mind.

Overpowering games allows us to experience our own strength and power in a particularly acute way. Despite its obvious physical aspect, Rough Body Play also features a strong psychological component. However, it derives its particular fascination from its unique “carnal” appeal and its use of certain symbols of violence. In their unique concept, Frank & Sheila blend elements of martial arts, playful fighting and BDSM and turn them into arts of pleasure and kink.

Topics will include:
Observing and maintaining boundaries, the use of body language and facial expression, forms of resistance, strong to painful holds and grappling, the use of bodyweight, trigger points, pain processing, hair pulling, controlled use of the fist, guiding one’s partner to the ground safely, the use of “stylistically appropriate” tools – and more. The workshops is hands-on and there will be plenty of time to experiment and play.

About Frank & Sheila
Frank is a kinky self-defense teacher who runs his own martial arts school. With Playfighting and Rough Body Play he developed his own and unique approach to bring together his passion for martial arts and playful fighting.
Sheila, Franks partner in crime, has a diverse bodywork background – she practices Shiatsu, breath work, dance, martial arts and is a contact communication trainer. She co-organizes the Xplore Vienna Festival and is an adventurer with body and soul.

Frank & Sheila have two decades of experience with BDSM under their belt and presented workshops on Playfighting, Rough Body Play (Kinky Kung Fu), Water Wrestling, Dominance and Breath Control all over Europe and in Australia, including Osho Leela, Schwelle 7 and Sacred Pleasures.

More about Frank & Sheila on their website.

Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is intended not just for experienced BDSM players of all genders who are interested in carnal scenarios, but also for those who are seeking to take a first step towards BDSM (the focus on one’s body and feelings rather than on tools can be helpful here). And it further addresses anyone who, regardless of BDSM, enjoys these kinds of interactions.

To those who may find the topic confrontational we would suggest to contact us prior to registering. We’ll be happy to answer your questions in order to find out if this workshop is right for you at this time. Previous experience with martial arts or an above average level of fitness is not required, but please be sure to meet the basic health requirements for engaging in physical activity.

We welcome couples of any kind and single people of any gender. In order to maintain a gender balance, we may have to create a waiting list.

If money is an issue, please get in touch and we can see what the possibilities are for attending the workshop.

Practical information

When: October 8 & 9
What time: 11.00 – 18.30 (approx, we might run a bit later)
Where: Utrecht
How much: early bird tickets (until September 1): 100 euro, late bird tickets (after September 1): 125 euro
Booking your ticket:

The Rough Body Play workshop is organized by Marije Janssen, initiator of a wide range of events around sexuality, amongst others: Get a Room!, Ongelooflijk Genieten Symposium, Hands On Festival and much more.